Certificate Reprint Request

204-2283 St Laurent Blvd., Ottawa ON K1G 5A2 Tel: 613-526-3424 - Fax: 613-526-5560 - Email: office@ndaeb.ca Certificate Reprint Request Name appearing on original NDAEB Certificate. Please print clearly. Last Name: _______________First Name: _______________Middle Name: ____________ Street name/number_________________________________________________________ Apt.:_____________________P.O. Box: ________________ City: ____________________ Province: ______________ Postal Code: _________________ Tel: ___________________ □ NDAEB Certificate number: ________or □ NDAEB Registration Number______________ Date of Birth (yy/mm/dd):_____________ Email: __________________________________ Which Dental Assisting program did you graduate from? ____________________________ Year of graduation: _________ Persons requesting a new NDAEB Certificate as a result of a name change are requested to provide supporting documents . Change Name of Official Record to: Last Name: ______________ First Name: _______________Middle Name: ____________ Name to appear on certificate reprint: ________________________________________ Current Address if different from above: Street name/number: _______________________________________________________ Apt.:_____________________P.O. Box: _____________ City: ____________________ Postal Code: ______________Country:_________________ Tel: Reason for change: □Marriage □ Divorce □ Other Documents to support request: □ Copy of marriage license □ Copy of Divorce Documents □ Copy of court order □ Other Signature: _________________________________ Date: _____________