NDAEB Code of Conduct

The National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) Code of Conduct The NDAEB has the responsibility for the administration of national examinations of dental assistants in Canada and the issuing of an NDAEB certificate. Mission The NDAEB's mission is to assure individuals have met the current national baseline standard in the knowledge and skills required by Canadian provincial or territorial regulatory authorities for recognition as an intra-oral dental assistant. Vision The NDAEB will strive for excellence in the provision of valid and reliable national dental assisting examinations. Values The NDAEB is committed to fairness, transparency and excellence in the services it provides to candidates, stakeholders and the public. 1. The purpose of the Code of Conduct (the Code) is to provide general statements of the principles of ethical conduct and the consequences of unethical behaviour in order that the NDAEB, regulators and dental assistants may fulfill their duty to the public and to the profession. 2. The integrity of the application process, the examination process and the possession of an NDAEB certificate must be respected and maintained at all times. 3. Breaches of the provisions in the Code may be cause for disciplinary review and appropriate action including but not limited to public disclosure. Application Process 4. Persons making an application must provide authentic and timely documentation responsive to NDAEB requirements. 5. Applications may be rejected if application documentation does not demonstrate the required qualifications, or if the integrity of the application process is compromised in any manner whatsoever. 2020 NDAEB Code o f Conduct