Dental Assisting Course Work Report - Canada

GRADUATE OF A CANADIAN PROGRAM (Other than Dental Assisting) CREDENTIALS ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION CHECKLIST Graduates of Canadian education programs other than dental assisting (e.g. Dental Hygiene) must submit their academic records and supporting documents to the NDAEB for assessment for exam eligibility. Applicants are required to follow the NDAEB Candidate Eligibility Assessment process by providing the following to the NDAEB office: ✓ Checklist: ❑ Copies of final official academic transcripts and diplomas. ❑ A completed and signed Dental Assisting Course Work Report (DACWR). ❑ A Signed Consent for Personal Information form permitting the NDAEB to gather and disclose your personal information to members of the Candidate Eligibility Assessment Committee. ❑ A course outline provided by your educational program clearly indicating the mandatory core skills required for NDAEB exam eligibility were included in your program. Please provide the school's name and mailing address and if possible, the name of the program instructor. Note: The NDAEB will contact your program directly to request a program survey if necessary. ❑ If the name appearing on the academic records or other documents is different than the name of the applicant, a copy of a marriage or divorce certificate or sworn affidavit is required for NDAEB to verify and reconcile the name of the applicant with the name appearing on the documents being submitted. Please Note: Graduates of a non-accredited Canadian dental hygiene program are not eligible to write the NDAEB examination. National Dental Assisting Examining Board – Graduate of a Canadian Program (Other than Dental Assisting)