Dental Assisting Course Work Report - International

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANT CREDENTIAL ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION CHECKLIST To determine exam eligibility, all applicants trained outside of Canada are required to follow the NDAEB Candidate Eligibility Assessment process by providing the following documents to the NDAEB office: ✓ Checklist: ❑ $150.00 international assessment fee, payable in Canadian dollars to NDAEB by money order or bank draft only. NDAEB does not accept credit or debit cards, personal cheques or cash. ❑ Original report from one of the following credentials assessment agencies in Canada: - International Credentials Evaluation Service ( ICES ) [ Type of report required : Comprehensive Report] - International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS ) [ Type of report required : Basic report with Dental Assisting Course Work Report submitted directly to IQAS by candidate for review] - World Education Services ( WES - Canada ) ( Type of report required : Course-by-Course Report) Notes: 1. The original agency report must be received by NDAEB directly from the agency or a copy of the report submitted by the applicant must be certified as a true copy of the original. 2. Applicants who have applied to the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) and have been deemed eligible for exams may submit proof of NDEB exam eligibility in lieu of an agency report. The NDAEB will contact NDEB to verify applicant status. 3. WES reports completed in the United States will not be accepted by the NDAEB. ❑ Certified true copies of academic transcripts and diploma , translated to English or French if necessary, plus a certified true copy of the original document in another language if it was translated. Copies of academic records and other required documents must be certified or notarized as true copies in Canada by a notary public, lawyer or commissioner of oaths. True copies of documents certified at a provincial government office are also acceptable. Documents notarized in another country are not acceptable except those that were certified /notarized by Canadian staff at a Canadian embassy or consulate abroad. ❑ A completed and signed Dental Assisting Course Work Report (DACWR). Applicants using either ICES or WES as their assessment agency or who submit NDEB proof of registration must submit the DACWR to NDAEB directly along with the other required documents. Applicants using IQAS for credentials assessment must submit the DACWR directly to IQAS for review. IQAS will forward to NDAEB with the assessment report. ❑ In order to grant eligibility to graduates of a Dental Assisting program (or other formal allied dental health care program) achieved outside of Canada, the NDAEB requires a course outline provided by the candidate’s educational program clearly indicating th e mandatory core skills required for NDAEB exam eligibility were included in that program. If an outline is not currently on file, the NDAEB will contact the program directly to request a program survey on behalf of the candidate. Applicants must provide the NDAEB with the school name, mailing address, email, and name of the program director/ instructor (or other appropriate administrator) of who will complete the survey . NOTE: If the program does not submit to the NDAEB office the required program survey, the NDAEB may not grant exam eligibility. ❑ A Signed Consent for Personal Information form. ❑ If the name appearing on the academic records or other documents is different than the name of the applicant, a certified true copy of a marriage or divorce certificate or sworn affidavit is required for NDAEB to verify and reconcile the name of the applicant with the name appearing on the documents being submitted. Disclaimer: Documents required for a credential assessment must be received by the NDAEB office at least two (2) weeks prior to an exam application deadline. Documents received after this deadline will not be guaranteed assessment for exam eligibility for the applied sitting. National Dental Assisting Examining Board – International Applicant Submissions (Including USA)