Domain Description

9 5.7. OPERATIVE DENTISTRY PROCEDURES 5.7.1. Assign cavity classifications to lesions and restorations 5.7.2. Use terminology associated with cavity preparations and restorations 5.7.3. Assist with the application of supplemental dental materials Describe the functions and benefits of liners, bases, and bonding materials and the indications and contra-indications for their use Describe the components of bonding systems, their uses, effects and precautions List the order of placement and location for treatment liners, bases and bonding systems Prepare, manipulate and transfer treatment liner, base, acid etchant and bonding materials according to manufacturer’s instructions for use 5.7.4. Apply treatment liners (no pulpal involvement), acid etch and bonding materials Select and prepare equipment and supplies appropriate to the selected material(s) Apply treatment liners, acid etchant and bonding materials following procedural steps and manufacturer’s instruction for use Evaluate placement according to criteria and make corrective measures as required 5.7.5. Assist with the application and removal of matrix systems and wedges State the rationale for using differing matrix systems and wedges Select and assemble a matrix system and wedge(s) for prescribed restorative procedures Assist with placement and removal of matrix system and wedge(s) 5.7.6. Apply and remove matrix systems and wedge(s) Select and prepare equipment and supplies Apply matrix system and wedge(s) following procedural steps and evaluate according to criteria Correct application or placement errors for matrix system or wedge(s) Remove matrix system and wedge(s) following procedural steps and assess adjacent tissues 5.7.7. Assist with preparation and placement of permanent restorative materials Describe the properties of and explain the rationale for the use of amalgam and permanent, direct restorative materials Prepare equipment and supplies and assist with amalgam placement, finishing and adjustment procedures, observing mercury hygiene best practice management Describe permanent, direct restorative materials and their polymerization Prepare equipment and supplies and assist with placement, finishing and adjustment of permanent, direct restorative materials Provide verbal/written, pre-operative, operative, post- operative and home care information/instructions