Domain Description

5 3.1.3. Employ accepted safety standards for infection prevention and handling of hazardous materials and substances in the workplace including: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Waste Disposal Regulations 3.1.4. Employ protocols for injury prevention, exposure control, post- exposure first aid and updating employee health records 3.1.5. Explain protocols used to reduce biofilm within dental unit waterlines and evacuation systems 3.1.6. Maintain laboratory equipment and supplies and operate equipment following best practice protocols for safety and asepsis 3.2. TEAM ERGONOMICS 3.2.1. Apply principles of ergonomics in positioning the patient, operator, dental assistant and equipment throughout all procedures 3.2.2. Apply the principles of instrument and material transfer to support patient safety, procedural efficiency, and injury prevention, when assisting an operator 3.2.3. Demonstrate operator ergonomics and proper instrumentation techniques, to ensure patient safety, procedural efficiency and prevent personal injury 3.2.4. Demonstrate exercises for prevention or relief of symptoms related to musculoskeletal disorders and injuries 4. PATIENT RECORDS (10 - 12% of 200 item exam) 4.1. Apply protocols to comply with legal requirements for updating, maintaining, storing, and transferring patient records, including authenticating entries with initials or signature. 4.2. Complete and update patient records using paper-based and electronic systems to include: 4.2.1. personal information 4.2.2. health and dental history, vital signs, medications, and medical alerts 4.2.3. intra-oral and extra-oral examination diagnoses 4.2.4. oral hygiene indices and periodontal notations 4.2.5. diagnostic records including: study models, bite registrations, radiographic images, and photographic images 4.2.6. consent forms, financial and insurance information 4.2.7. treatment plan and progress notes 4.3. Use professionally acceptable terminology, charting symbols, abbreviations, correct spelling, and tooth numbering systems