Domain Description

7 Select and prepare equipment and supplies specific to the patient’s dentition and anatomy Expose prescribed radiographic images in accordance to A.L.A.R.A. principles Upload radiographic image(s) to the patient’s record Evaluate radiographic images for technical quality, accuracy and diagnostic information Explain causes and corrective measures for radiographic image exposure errors Explain image enhancement functions associated with software programs Describe radiographic image duplicating, transferring and archiving procedures Describe the appearance of radiopaque and radiolucent structures on an image Identify and describe anatomical landmarks and dental anomalies on radiographic images, including whether they are radiolucent or radiopaque 5.3. EMERGENCY CARE 5.3.1. Assist with the assembly and maintenance of basic emergency supplies, drugs and equipment 5.3.2. Assist in the prevention and management of in-office patient emergencies 5.3.3. Identify and interpret signs and symptoms of medical conditions for the prevention and management of medical emergencies 5.3.4. Assist in the management and treatment of dental and medical emergencies within the dental facility 5.4. MANAGEMENT OF PATIENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS 5.4.1. Schedule appointments to accommodate patients that require treatment modifications 5.4.2. Adapt procedures according to patient’s physical needs, mobility limitations, age and/or mental health 5.4.3. Provide treatment information and instructions to patients, care givers and/or legal guardians with consideration of their cognitive level and communication ability 5.5. ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MANAGEMENT 5.5.1. Assist with the application of topical and administration of local anesthetic Identify precautions during application of topical and administration of local anesthetic Describe and locate injection sites for the placement of topical anesthetic for all injection techniques Describe and monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of adverse reactions to topical and/or local anesthetic Describe procedure for application of topical and administration of local anesthetic Prepare equipment and supplies for the application of topical and administration of local anesthetic Apply techniques for the safe assembly, handling and disposal of needles Manage needlestick injuries according to best practise protocols