Candidate Portal Password Tutorial

NDAEB 2018 1 of 2 NDAEB Candidate Portal – Password Tutorial To ensure that a proper password is being established, please follow the directives below. Candidates are recommended to use a computer/laptop when accessing th e Candidate Portal . Personal devices such as cellphones and/or tablets may not be compatible and may prevent you from signing-in. 1. From the Candidate Portal sign-in page, click on “ Forgot Password ” . 2. You will be required to enter your email address and check ‘ I’m not a robot’ , click ‘ Send Password Reset ”. NOTE: You must use the primary address given to the NDAEB office on your application form. An automatic email will then be sent to your primary email account . The secure link provided in this email is valid for one hour . If you try to access this link after an hour, you will need to repeat Step 1 & 2. Please read the information in the password reset email and then click on “ HERE ”. This will bring you to a temporary webpage where you will create your new password. NOTE : When creating your password, the system will ONLY accept passwords that show a green indicator bar (as shown below).