Written Examination Application Instructions

2020 1 Examination Application Instructions Information and Instructions The National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) is an independent Board responsible for: • The development and administration of the National Dental Assisting written exam and Clinical Practice Evaluation; and • Issuing the National Dental Assisting Examining Board Certificate. Mission: The NDAEB’s mission is to assure individuals have met the current national baseline standard in the knowledge and skills required by Canadian provincial or territorial regulatory authorities for recognition as an intra-oral dental assistant. Candidates who are eligible to apply to write the NDAEB Examination: have successfully completed a formal education program, recognized by the NDAEB, that includes the fundamental knowledge required to perform patient care as a chairside dental assistant (Level I), plus formal education in: 1. Provides oral hygiene instruction 2. Provides dietary counseling relative to oral health 3. Exposes dental radiographs 4. Obtains preliminary impressions for study casts 5. Applies and removes dental dam 6. Performs selective coronal polishing (rubber cup) 7. Applies treatment liner (no pulpal involvement), acid etching and bonding materials 8. Applies and removes matrix band and wedge 9. Applies anti-cariogenic agents 10. Applies pit and fissure sealants 11. Applies topical anesthetic 12. Applies desensitizing agents 13. Performs tooth whitening using trays 14. Performs suture removal To apply for the NDAEB exam, complete the online application form. We do not accept PayPal. Please do not send a money order or bank draft to our office. Please include your email address, proof of education (Level I and II), passport size photo, and the exam fee. Payments may be made by credit card only, through the online application form.