Domain Description

12 5.12. ORTHODONTIC PROCEDURES 5.12.1. Describe and classify occlusion and malocclusion according to Angle’s Classification 5.12.2. Use terminology associated with malaligned teeth and arches 5.12.3. Identify and describe factors affecting occlusion 5.12.4. Differentiate between fixed and removable orthodontic appliances 5.12.5. State indications and contra-indications for orthodontic intervention 5.12.6. Prepare equipment and supplies and assist with indicated orthodontic procedures 5.12.7. Describe records required for case presentation and for informed consent for treatment 5.12.8. Describe clear aligner orthodontic treatment including procedural steps 5.12.9. Describe the dental assistant’s role in written and verbal communication with the dental laboratory or appliance manufacturer 5.12.10. Coordinate the preparation, packaging, digital information transfer, delivery and reception of orthodontic cases 5.12.11. Describe treatment/management of complications or conditions that may arise from orthodontic procedures 5.12.12. Provide verbal/written, pre-operative, operative, post-operative and home care information/instructions 6. PRACTICE MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES (5-10% of 200 item exam) 6.1. Manage and maintain filing, recall and inventory systems in both paper-based and electronic systems 6.2. Manage patient appointments, referrals and consultations 6.3. Manage and maintain financial records in both paper-based and electronic systems 6.4. Maintain equipment records, manuals and service contracts 6.5. Describe various administrative support tasks which contribute to the development and/or maintenance of office policies and procedures 7. PREVENTIVE PROCEDURES (15-20% of 200 item exam) 7.1. PROVIDE ORAL HYGIENE INSTRUCTION 7.1.1. Describe the periodontal disease process and the factors affecting its development and progress 7.1.2. Describe the caries process and the factors affecting its development and progress 7.1.3. Describe the indications, contra-indications, types, purposes and methods of applying disclosing agents 7.1.4. Apply the principles of instruction and learning to individuals and groups