Domain Description

13 7.1.5. Observe, collect and record data to assess patient needs using methods such as: plaque/biofilm indices, disclosing agents in addition to observation of tissue condition(s) 7.1.6. Develop oral hygiene goals using patient centered approach and explain goals specific to patient needs 7.1.7. Select and demonstrate oral care aids specific to oral conditions to achieve determined needs and goals 7.1.8. Apply disclosing agents according to manufacturer’s instructions for use 7.1.9. Discuss disclosing agent results with patient and/or caregiver 7.1.10. Evaluate outcomes of oral hygiene instruction, provide feedback and make necessary modifications 7.2. PROVIDE NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING RELATIVE TO ORAL HEALTH 7.2.1. List nutrients, their sources, function(s)and effects 7.2.2. Collect data to assess patient’s oral health needs related to nutrition 7.2.3. Make dietary recommendations specific to oral health condition(s) 7.2.4. Evaluate nutritional counseling outcomes, provide feedback and make recommendations and/or modifications 7.3. PERFORM CORONAL POLISHING 7.3.1. State the rationale, indications and contra-indications for coronal polishing 7.3.2. Differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic stain(s) 7.3.3. Describe causes and formation of stains 7.3.4. Select and prepare coronal polishing equipment and supplies specific to the patient’s needs 7.3.5. Use appropriate coronal polishing technique(s) to remove extrinsic stain(s) 7.3.6. Evaluate coronal polishing outcomes and make any necessary modifications 7.3.7. Provide verbal/written, pre-operative, operative, post-operative and home care information/instructions 7.4. APPLY ANTI-CARIOGENIC AGENTS 7.4.1. State the rationale, indications and contra-indications for application of various anti-cariogenic agents 7.4.2. Describe the effects of anti-cariogenic agents on tooth structure 7.4.3. Describe and differentiate between delivery methods for topical application of anti-cariogenic agents 7.4.4. Assess patient needs for choice and application method of anti-cariogenic agent(s) 7.4.5. Select and prepare equipment and supplies for various types of anti- cariogenic agents and delivery methods, specific to patient’s needs 7.4.6. Apply anti-cariogenic agents according to manufacturer’s instructions for use 7.4.7. Evaluate anti-cariogenic agent outcomes, provide feedback and make necessary recommendations and/or modifications