Domain Description

1 Domain Description for Dental Assisting in Canada The Domain Description for Dental Assisting is a document developed by the NDAEB that represents the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours the dental assistant should possess upon entry/re-entry into practice. The Domain Description is a working document that reflects the national standards of practice established for dental assisting and includes all Core Skills agreed upon by the NDAEB in consultation with stakeholders of the profession. The Domain Description is maintained by NDAEB and reviewed annually to ensure acceptability, clarity and relevance for the practice of dental assisting as identified from time-to-time by stakeholders of the profession. In addition, it is revised every 5 to 7 years following a National Occupational Analysis (NOA) of the profession (conducted in partnership with the CDAA and with the support of Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (CDARA)). The most recent NOA was completed in 2020. The results of the NOA are used by the NDAEB to inform and update the Domain Description. In 2021, the NDAEB began its most current review of the Domain Description. The CAO/Registrar asked the Chief Examiner to Chair an operational committee to complete the review, and the final draft was distributed for circulation amongst NDAEB Stakeholders represented on its Board of Directors. Reviewing stakeholders include: • Canadian Dental Assistants Association • Canadian Dental Association • College of Alberta Dental Assistants • College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia • Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada • Dental Council of Prince Edward Island • Educator Representative, Non-Accredited Programs • Manitoba Dental Association • New Brunswick Dental Society • Newfoundland & Labrador Dental Board • Ontario Dental Assistants Association • Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia • Saskatchewan Dental Assistants' Association This review process was completed resulting in the 2022 final version of the Domain Description for Dental Assisting. We wish to thank reviewing stakeholders for their important contribution to this review. The NDAEB will use the new 2022 version of the Domain Description to adjust its examination blueprint and to design and administer its examinations beginning March 2023. Dental assisting schools should make adjustments to their curriculum and teach to the new Domain, in anticipation of this change. The key functions of the Domain Description are: • Describing the scope of practice for those entering or returning to practice • Preparing candidates for the examination • Developing dental assisting education/curriculum • Guiding examination development and review.