Domain Description

2 Through its Written Exam Committee, the NDAEB has the authority to make minor amendments to wording in the Domain Description as may be necessary to clarify certain aspects of the document; however, substantive change which will result in changes to education program curriculum must be approved by the NDAEB. Dental assisting schools, prospective examination candidates, and other stakeholder groups such as CDARA, DA associations and CDAC, will be given thirteen months advance notice prior to changes to the Domain Description being implemented. What’s changed? • The previous 8 domains have been reduced to 7 – the skills and procedures from domain 7 (Laboratory Procedures) were dispersed into the more appropriate areas of the domain description: o Removal of “preliminary” for impressions o Fabrication, trimming and storage of study models is now combined with 5.2.2 which previously involved obtaining, processing and preparing impressions for pouring o Fabrication of appliances and trays will now be included in the domain where the tray or appliance is used. For instance, impression tray fabrication and preparation is now within 5.11 and whitening tray fabrication is within domain 7.7 o Laboratory supplies and equipment are not segregated from other office supplies and equipment, and as such any questions pertaining to them would be within domain 3 – Clinical Support Procedures • Some subsections within a domain were combined to reduce repetition and increase clarity for candidates and stakeholders • The percentages allocated to domains 3 and 4 were altered slightly with a higher percentage for Clinical Support Procedures being the most significant change. This was reflected in the NOA results, which indicated that safety, asepsis, infection prevention and routine equipment maintenance was of high importance and amongst the most frequently performed tasks for all respondents • Composition of dental radiographic film, film processing and errors and artifacts that only pertain to film radiography will now be excluded from appearing on examinations • “Terminology Used in the Domain Description” will now just refer candidates to the Glossary and Index section of each of the referenced textbooks The NDAEB wishes to thank the Domain Description Review Committee for their outstanding work: Donna Selski, CDA/RDA MA(LaT) Chief Examiner and Chair Elroy Officer, CDA NDAEB President and Committee Member Lois Bergs, RDA Committee Member Angela O’Hanley, CDA Committee Member Jamie-Lynn Flemming, BA NDAEB Operations Manager Joanne Haché, (Cert. DA), CAE NDAEB Assessment Manager