Domain Description

3 Domain Description for Dental Assisting 1. ETHICAL AND LEGAL PRACTICE AS A DENTAL ASSISTANT (approximately 5% of 200 item exam) 1.1. Apply the principles of the Canadian Dental Assistants Association (CDAA) Code of Ethics when providing or assisting with dental services 1.2. Practice legally within the National and Provincial, and territorial regulatory scope of practice 1.3. Report suspected physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect and assist with documentation and supports 1.4. Obtain informed consent from patients and/or caregivers prior to treatment and accurately document discussion following record keeping guidelines 1.5. Maintain privacy and confidentiality with all forms of patient records, communications, and interactions 1.6. Recognize and report any conflicts of interest when providing or assisting with dental treatment 1.7. Explain legal and ethical practice for treating patients with known infectious diseases 2. DENTAL SCIENCES (7-12% of 200 item exam) 2.1. ORAL ANATOMY 2.1.1. Describe, locate and identify structures and landmarks of the oral cavity 2.1.2. Describe, locate and identify anatomical landmarks of the permanent and primary teeth 2.1.3. Describe, locate and identify the tissues and supporting structures of the teeth 2.1.4. Describe the functions of teeth and their supporting structures 2.2. ANATOMY OF THE HEAD AND NECK 2.2.1. Identify and locate the bones of the head and describe their structure and function 2.2.2. Identify and describe anatomical landmarks of the head and face 2.2.3. Identify and describe the parts of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), its movements and disorders or diseases 2.2.4. Identify the muscles of the face and oral cavity and describe their function 2.2.5. Identify and locate the salivary glands and ducts and describe their function 2.2.6. Identify and locate the paranasal sinuses and describe their function 2.2.7. Identify and describe the innervations of the teeth and surrounding tissues, of mandibular and maxillary arches 2.2.8. Identify and locate the cervical lymph nodes and describe their functions 2.3. TOOTH DEVELOPMENT AND ERUPTION 2.3.1. Describe oral and facial development, including the teeth 2.3.2. Describe tooth eruption and exfoliation patterns for the primary and permanent dentitions