Preparation Test Instructions

NDAEB Preparation Test The NDAEB Preparation Tests are intended to help you become familiar with the structure of our examinations. They allow you to self-assess whether you are adequately prepared to be successful on the actual NDAEB examination or whether there are areas or topics for which you require further study. The Preparation Test allows you to review quality NDAEB test questions while avoiding questionable exam sites offered by other providers which are NOT endorsed by the NDAEB. Before you proceed to the tutorial part of this document CAREFULLY read the following important information Important Information to note: 1. Only Candidates who are registered for the NDAEB written exam are eligible to take the Preparation Test. a. If you register for the NDAEB written exam and purchase a token for the Preparation Test and then withdraw from the actual written exam before launching the Preparation Test, your access to the Preparation Test on your candidate portal will automatedly be revoked, and you will NOT be entitled to a reimbursement of your Preparation Test fees. 2. You are only permitted to purchase a MAXIMUM of THREE Preparation Test Tokens. 3. Your Preparation Test MUST be launched from a desktop/laptop device as the portal is not compatible with Smartphones/Cellphones and will not launch properly. a. For MAC Safari users: i. If you are launching your Preparation Test from a MAC in Safari Browser, you MUST do the following before launching your Preparation Test: 1. With Safari open, click "Safari" in the menu bar, then "Preferences":