Procedures for International Applicants

2283 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 204, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5A2 Tel: (613) 526-3424 Fax: (613) 526-5560 Email: National Dental Assisting Examining Board Revised May 2019 - 1 - Application Procedures for Graduates Outside of Canada Candidates completing their education in countries other than Canada are required to successfully complete a mandatory two-part NDAEB certificate process including: the Written Examination, followed by the Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE). Details on the written exam and CPE are available on NDAEB website. Note: The requirement for the NDAEB certificate is determined by the Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (CDARA); therefore, you are advised to confirm the requirement for the NDAEB certificate in the province where you intend to work, before applying to the NDAEB. Applicants who have completed formal dental assisting or related training programs outside Canada (e.g. including dentistry or dental hygiene) must have their theoretical and clinical education assessed by the NDAEB Candidate Eligibility Assessment Committee (CEAC) to determine eligibility to complete the national examination process. To be considered for exam eligibility, candidates must follow the directives below. Important Notice: Documents required for a credential assessment must be received by the NDAEB office at least TWO (2) weeks prior to an exam application deadline. Documents received after this deadline will not by guaranteed assessment for exam eligibility for the applied sitting. I. Candidates must have their credentials verified by one (1) of the two options: 1. Candidates may choose to submit their academic records to one (1) of the three agencies specializing in the authentication and comparison of foreign academic credentials to the Canadian education system. ➢ An original report must be submitted directly from the agency to the NDAEB office . IF the candidate wishes to submit their agency report to the NDAEB, their report must be certified/notarized in Canada but a notary public, commissioner of oaths, or lawyer. The NDAEB will not accept reports non- certified/non-notarized if received from the candidate. The agencies recognized by the NDAEB are: i. International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) Type of report required: Comprehensive Report 3700 Willingdon Avenue Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 3H2 Telephone: (604) 432-8800 Fax: (614) 435-7033