Clinical Practice Evaluation Application Instructions

Clinical Practice Evaluation Application Procedures Persons educated in countries other than Canada, including the United States of America, are required to complete a mandatory two part NDAEB certificate process to include successful completion of the written examination, followed by successful completion of a Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE). Education at a NDAEB recognized Canadian institution is an acceptable alternative to the CPE. Additional information is provided below. Several provinces require graduates of Canadian non-accredited programs to successfully complete the Clinical Practice Evaluation prior to licensure/registration/certification. You are advised to contact the Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authority (CDARA) to confirm the requirement for the NDAEB certificate or education upgrading before applying to the NDAEB. The CPE consists of the evaluation of nine intra-oral skills performed on manikins, including: Skill 1: Exposes digital radiographic images Skill 6: Applies and removes matrix band and wedge Skill 2: Obtains preliminary impressions for study casts Skill 7: Applies anti-cariogenic topical fluoride gel Skill 3: Applies and removes dental dam Skill 8: Applies pit and fissure sealant Skill 4: Selective coronal polishing Skill 9: Applies topical anesthetic Skill 5: Applies treatment liner The CPE will be scheduled at various sites in Canada. Exact details regarding locations and session dates/times will be provided upon registration. Registered candidates will receive an email from the NDAEB directing them to the candidate portal where they can access their CPEdocuments ( . Please be aware, the CPECandidateHandbook is only available on the NDAEB website under Clinical Evaluation (CPE) and in the Document Library. Note: candidates must apply for all skills required to complete the CPE. Candidates may not apply for partial CPE unless applying for reevaluation of individual skills or if proof of partial education in lieu is submitted with the application. • The fee for the full CPE (9 skills) or 5-8 skills is $1,700.00 (CAD only) [$1,600.00 + $100.00 non-refundable application fee] • The fee for individual skills (retake or initial evaluation) is $350.00 (CAD only) per skill + $100.00 (CAD only) non-refundable application fee Applicants may NOT apply for the CPE before receiving their written exam results. Continuing Education Programs Candidates may choose to voluntarily attend a continuing education program in lieu of the CPE. Such programs must include all nine (9) intra-oral skills evaluated on the CPE. Candidates choosing voluntary education are advised to attend a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation for labour mobility purposes as most CDARA will require graduates of Canadian non-accredited programs to successfully complete the CPE before being licensed/registered. Pleasevisit ourwebsite : f or a list of recognized schools and contact information for the Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities. Return this application to the NDAEB with the information below if applicable:  In lieu of CPE, I ____________________________________________________, will voluntarily attend education at (print your name) _______________________________________ starting on: __________________________. (name of Canadian educational institution) (yyyy-mm-dd) Once you have completed your program, please submit proof of completion (i.e., copy of diploma and transcripts) to the NDAEB office.