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N a t i o n a l D e n t a l A s s i s t i n g E x a m i n i n g B o a r d © National Dental Assisting Examining Board 6 5.5.3 Assist with sedation and general anaesthesia Differentiate between levels of sedation and general anaesthesia Identify contra-indications for the administration of sedation and anaesthesia and monitor patient for adverse reactions to each Describe signs and symptoms of adverse reactions to anaesthesia and sedation Prepare equipment and supplies and monitor patient for signs of adverse reactions related to sedation and anaesthesia Record and monitor vital signs before, during and after sedation and anaesthesia Provide verbal/written, pre-operative, operative, postoperative and home care information/instructions 5.6 MOISTURE CONTROL TECHNIQUES 5.6.1 State indications and contra-indications for various moisture control techniques 5.6.2 Select equipment and supplies, prepare for and assist with moisture control 5.6.3 Place and remove moisture control equipment and supplies 5.6.4 Apply and remove dental dam Select and prepare equipment and supplies considering the patient’s dentition and prescribed procedure Assist with the application and removal of dental dam Apply and remove dental dam following procedural steps Evaluate dental dam placement and isolation effectiveness Identify and correct dental dam positioning and isolation errors Provide pre-operative, operative and post operative information/instructions 5.6.5 Position oral evacuation to maintain a dry operating field and patient comfort 5.7 OPERATIVE DENTISTRY PROCEDURES 5.7.1 Identify cavity/restoration classifications 5.7.2 Use terminology associated with cavity preparation and restorations 5.7.3 Assist with the application of treatment liners Describe the functions and benefits of liners, bases, varnishes, cements and bonding materials and the indications and contra-indications for their use Describe the components of bonding systems, their uses, effects and precautions List the order of placement and location for treatment liners Prepare, manipulate and transfer treatment liner, acid etchant and bonding materials according to manufacturer’s instructions