Domain Description

DENTAL ASSI STING DOMAIN DESCR I PTION • Effec ti ve J anua ry 2017 © National Dental Assisting Examining Board 5 Describe radiographic image duplicating procedures Evaluate radiographic images for technical quality, accuracy and diagnostic acceptability Describe the difference between radiolucent and radiopaque Identify and describe anatomical landmarks and dental anomalies on radiographic images Mount, label and store/save radiographic images Differentiate between direct and indirect digital imaging 5.3 EMERGENCY CARE 5.3.1 Assist with the assembly and maintenance of emergency supplies, drugs and equipment 5.3.2 Assist in the prevention and management of dental office emergencies 5.3.3 Identify and interpret signs and symptoms of medical conditions which may require emergency care 5.3.4 Assist in the management and treatment of dental emergencies 5.4 MANAGEMENT OF PATIENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS 5.4.1 Schedule appointments to accommodate patients with special needs 5.4.2 Adapt procedures according to patients’ physical needs and mobility limitations 5.4.3 Provide information and instructions to patients and care givers with consideration of their cognitive level and communication ability 5.5 ANAESTHESIAAND PAIN MANAGEMENT 5.5.1 Assist with the administration of topical and local anaesthetic Identify precautions during application of topical and administration of local anaesthetic Describe injection techniques and locate injection sites Describe signs and symptoms of adverse reactions to anaesthetic Describe procedure for application of topical and administration of local anaesthetic Prepare equipment and supplies for topical and local anaesthetic administration Monitor patient for signs of anxiety and adverse reactions to anaesthetic Apply techniques for the safe handling of needles Manage needlestick injuries according to protocols Provide pre-operative, operative and post operative information/instructions for administration of topical and local anaesthetic 5.5.2 Apply topical anaesthetic agents as prescribed Select and prepare equipment and supplies for treatment Prepare injection site and apply the topical anaesthetic according to manufacturer’s instructions Assess tissue for adverse reactions and apply corrective measures