Domain Description

N a t i o n a l D e n t a l A s s i s t i n g E x a m i n i n g B o a r d © National Dental Assisting Examining Board 4 5.2 COLLECT DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION 5.2.1 Assist with diagnostic procedures State the types of and provide the rationale for performing diagnostic procedures Prepare and transfer equipment and supplies for diagnostic procedures 5.2.2 Obtain preliminary impressions for study models State the rationale for obtaining preliminary impressions and bite registrations for the fabrication of study models Select and prepare equipment and supplies specific to the patient’s dentition and anatomy Manipulate preliminary impression material Obtain mandibular and maxillary preliminary impressions following procedural steps Evaluate impressions Disinfect impressions Prepare impressions for storage and pouring Obtain, evaluate and disinfect simple bite registrations Provide pre-operative, operative and post operative information/instructions 5.2.3 Produce digital and conventional film based radiographic images Describe components of x-ray machines and their functions Describe factors that affect the quantity and quality of the x-ray beam Describe composition of dental film and types of digital imaging receptors Describe components of the dental film packet and their purposes Describe care, storage and handling of dental films and digital imaging receptors Describe the biological effects of radiation exposure Describe personal radiation monitoring devices and procedures Describe the types of radiographic images and the rationale for their use Provide pre-exposure information and instructions to the patient Apply principles of extra-oral and intra-oral radiographic techniques Select and prepare equipment and supplies Expose prescribed radiographic images in accordance to A.L.A.R.A. principles when using conventional film based or digital radiography Apply quality assurance standards Process exposed conventional films Explain causes and corrective measures for radiographic image exposure, processing and handling errors